Everything is done from delivery to shipping.
The seed is received and made into a marketable product. It is packed ready for sale within Australia or overseas. more
If the seed is too wet to store safely, drying is the answer.
Using one of our three Vertec grain dryers, the seed has hot air circulated through it.. more
We sell seed by the kilo, bag or tonne.
There is a huge variety in store and other varieties can be sourced. Our seed sales manager has the expertise to advise on the right variety. more

There are two locations: Nalang Rd, Bordertown and Stirling Rd, Keith.

Services include:

  • Seed processing
  • Packaging
  • Seed and grain drying
  • Germination testing
  • Purity testing
  • Silo storage
  • Finished product storage
  • Bulk container loading
  • Export container loading
  • Seed sales
  • Custom mixing of seed
  • Mixing lawn seed
  • Inoculation/lime coating
  • Fungicide application
  • Crop selection